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Like the shot of the vertical something. Really well placed with the background.


nice 2 pictures, I especially like the one with the big stick in the water !!!


looks impressing, great shot, well composed

Ashish Sidapara

Lovely lines and the nice tonal range, great series!


These photos add another perspective to the Laguna Bay area.


nice capture of the vertical lines from the both shot:-))


Sydney, again really nice work, I love your composition and processing


Haven't seen many good looking power plants to be honest.

19 Seconds Of Spring

Nice pictures... The powerplant looks great in B&W!

charles ravndal

those are just a sore eye in the environment but lovely shots as usual


Hi Sidney! So those are the two smokestacks I always see from the plane before we touch down at the NAIA. It destroys the picture-perfect view of Laguna de Bay.


Cool, good blog !


Witty play of the vertical objects here to connect the two contrasting scenarios. It's a story by itself. Those man-made structures surely destroy the natural beauty of Laguna de Bay. Wonderful, Sidney!


what is the purpose of the pole-like structure on the 1st picture?

nice pic, those are common places that we filipinos ignore. they appear nice on photos.


I love how you drew the parallel between these two shots.
Always a great work.
Have a nice day Sidney


Beautiful B&W's! I really like the framing and clouds in the first shot. Very nice.


my first time to visit your blog and i'm amazed at your talent! the way you use b&w and sepia tones give your photos such dramatic results. i can only wish i can be half as talented as you! :o)


Kinda curious as to what the concrete structure is for but it does provide a paradoxial and interesting view of what could have been otherwise a common looking shot of bamboo fishpens.


The black and white really works for these series.


Power plat...Very interesting ..Great views

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i have been seeng this before but onoy now i knew that it is a power plant. cool.


The powerplant is almost so ugly its beautiful. But not quite. I like the photograph and your choice of monochrome, I get a sense of despair from it.


Have always said your monochrome shots are a lot sexier than your colour shots :) Love the series.


reza khalili

first photo is very cute


a source of pollution no doubt...

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